Weight Watchers Healthy Fold Out Grill

Enjoy seared steaks, chicken, fish and vegetables with little or no oil thanks to this smart yet affordable grill. The Weight Watchers fold-out health grill’s hinge can rotate to open out flat, both increasing the area of its cooking surface and make adding and removing food easy. It even has an automatic temperature control, allowing you to switch between veggies and meat without burning.

When used as a standard health grill, its floating hinge means it will adjust to cooking thicker foods without fuss.

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Even when laid out flat, the grill isn’t especially sizeable; each plate measures just 23 x 14.5cm. While this means it’s a worktop space-saver, it’s only capable of cooking an entire meal for one or two people.

From the outside, it looks a little like a sandwich toaster with two lights: red for heating up; green for when it’s ready to cook. A slide-out drip tray collects any fat and juices that have drained away. There’s no on-off switch or lock to keep the two plates together when not in use, so it won’t be so easy to store vertically without the halves separating.

On the top is a cool-touch handle and distinctive Weight Watchers branding. Inside, the grill features two fixed marble-ceramic non-stick plates, both with deep grooves and a small lip to direct the fat away from the cooking food. There’s the option of using it as a press, or there’s a release button at the side so it can fold out flat.

Weight Watchers Healthy Fold Out Grill – What’s it like to use?

Since there are no buttons, timer or settings, you can get going with the Weight Watchers grill simply by plugging it in. It heated up from cold in only a few minutes, with the light turning from red to green to show it was ready to use.

There are four Weight Watchers recipes (with SmartPoints per serving) to help you get started. I began by cooking the griddled vegetables with the grill plates flat – a recipe that required oil as would a conventional griddle pan. While heat-up was quick, the grill was quite slow at cooking the vegetables.

To get them to a slightly charred state as suggested took around 8 minutes on one side, then 5 minutes on the other. This is longer than it would have taken in a griddle pan.

It was easy to turn the veg with the grill flat, but hard to judge how cooked they were, having no clue with regards to the temperature the plates had reached.

When they had finished cooking, the asparagus was still quite crunchy, but the peppers and courgette slices were soft and seared. A small amount of oil had run off, but most remained on the plates.

Product Details:

Brand Weight Watchers
Model Number EK2759WW
Colour Fold-Out Grill
Item Weight 1.8 Kg
Package Dimensions 31 x 26.4 x 12.2 cm
Power / Wattage 750 watts
Auto Shutoff No

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